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    · B.S. Microbial engineering, School of Life Science (2002), Shandong University, China

    · Exchange Ph.D student, Department of Chemistry(2006-2007), Brown University, USA

    · Ph.D. Microbiology(2008), School of Life Science & Biotechnology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China


    Professional Experience

    · Director, Hubei Engineering Laboratory for Synthetic Microbiology, China

    Deputy Chief Engineer, Wuhan Institute of Biotechnology, China (2012- )

    · Professor, Wuhan University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Key Laboratory of Combinatorial Biosynthesis and Drug Discovery, Ministry of Education, China (2010.9- )

    · Post-doc researcher, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University, USA (2008-2010)


    Special Honors and Awards

    · 2017


    · 2016

    · 2014

    Provincial government special allowance; Outstanding young talents, Hubei, China

    Excellent young scientists and technicians, Wuhan, Hubei, China

    National Top-Notch Young Talents Program of National High-level Personnel of Special Support Program,  China

    · 2012

    "Chutian scholar" Professor, Hubei, China

    · 2012

    The National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, China

    · 2010

    New Century Excellent Talents in University, China


    Selected Professional Positions

    · 2017

    · 2016

    Biotechnology Journal, Editor on Board

    Current Opinion in Biotechnology special issue "Pharmacetical Biotech 2017"


    · 2016

    ACS Synthetic Biology, Editor on Board

    · 2016

    Metabolic Engineering, Editor on Board

    · 2016

    Acta microbiologica Sinica, Editor on Board

    · 2016

    Hubei Food And Drug Administration, consultant

    · 2015

    Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology, Editor on Board

    · 2014

    F1000prime, Associate Faculty Member

    · 2013

    Frontiers in Synthetic Biology, Editor on Board

    Selected Research Grants

    · 2017.08-2020.8




    · 2017.01-2020.12


    · 2016.01-2018.12

    Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province of China (No. 2017CFA054) Project Name: Directed synthesis metabolism system guides biological manufacturing industrialization(Principal investigator)

    The National Science Fund for General Program(No. 31670090) Project Name: Highly efficient heterologous synthesis of bactericin based on quantitative metabonomics analysis(Principal investigator)

    National Top-Notch Young Talents Program of National High-level Personnel of Special Support Program (Principal investigator)

    · 2012.10-2016.10 

    The National 973 Program of China Grant (No. 2012CB721001) Project Name:  Screening, modification and standardization of biological parts for synthesis biology (Co-investigator)

    · 2013.01-2015.12

    The National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars(No. 31222002) Project Name:  Breeding and Genetics of Applied Microorganisms (Principal investigator)

    · 2011.01-2015.08

    The National 973 Program of China Grant (No. 2011CBA00806) Project Name: Development of bio-based production through synthetic bioengineering (Co-investigator)



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    Book Chapters

    Yi, L., and Liu, T. 2017. Engineering Microbial Metabolism for Chemical Synthesis. P97-120. In: Fatty acid biosynthesis and its metabolic engineering applications, Eds. Yajun Yan. World Scientific Press, USA.

    Liu, T. 2017. Microbiology. P150-171. In: Microbial genetics and breeding, Eds. Zixin Deng. Higher Education Press, China

    Ning, T., and Liu, T. 2014. Engineering Microbial Fatty Acid Biosynthesis Pathways to Make Advanced Biofuels. P197-218. In: Biofuels, from mircobes to moleculars, Eds. Xuefeng Lu. Caister Academic Press, U.K.

     Zhi, L., and Liu, T. 2013. New strategies for development of production of biofuels via the in vitro reconstitution of the fatty acid. Chapter 8, In: 2013 Industrial biotechnology development report. Eds. Yanhe Ma. Science Press, China

    Selected International and National Presentations

    1. Targeted Synthetic Metabolism for Overprodcution of Natral Products to Meet the Industrilization. (Invited talk, Feature speaker) 2018 Metabolic Engineering 12, German, 2018.

    2. Metabolic Engineering for Terpenoids Overproduction and Discovery. 2017 Metabolic Engineering Summit, China, 2017.

    3. Metabolic Engineering for Polyether Compound Overproduction and New Activities Discovery.18th International Symposium on the Biology of Actinomycetes, Korea, 2017.

    4. When Metabolic Engineering meets Natural Products Discovery. (Plenary talk) The 13th International Symposium on the Genetics of Industrial Microorganisms, China, 2016.

    5. In Vitro Reconstitution of Mevalonate Pathway Guide to Build the Terpenoids Over production Cell Factories. (Invited talk, Feature speaker) 2016 Metabolic Engineering 11, Japan, 2016

    6. In vitro Reconstitution Guide for Targeted Engineering, cell Factories & Biosustainability 2015, Denmark, 2015

    7. In vitro Reconstitution Guide for Targeted Engineering-Build for Understanding, Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference on Synthetic Biology, China, 2014 


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