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Professor Tiangang Liu started work in Wuhan University in 2010 and was recruited as "Chutian Scholar" professor in 2012. He has receieved many awards such as New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education and National Natural Science Funds for Excellent Young Scholar. He is also funded by projects such as National Natural Science Foundation, "973" program and "863" program.

He is devoted in investigating the biosynthesis mechanism of polyester derived antibiotics in Shanghai Jiaotong University as a Ph. D student. In Stanford University, his research focused on engineering fatty acid synthesis pathway in micobes for advanced biofuel's overproduction. Now, he has published papers as first author or corresponding author in <Science>, <Annual Review of Genetics>, <Metabolic Engineering>, <Biotechnology& Bioengineering>, <Chemistry& Biology> and <Methods in Enzymology>, and he also co-authored in book <Biofuel: From Microbes to Molecules>.

Now, his research interest focused on overproduction of high-quality biofuels and value-added chemicals by engineering of the interested pathways, overproduction of rare pharmaceuticals and their precursors by using synthetic biology strategies and overproduction of new anticancer drugs utilizing combinatorial biology strategies.

Till now, he has supervised of a total of 10 MS theses, 2 Ph. D. theses. Currently, he is supervising 11 MS students, 5 Ph.D. students and 5 postdoctoral fellows.